Air Quality

Air quality is critical to our overall health. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is a resource to help you plan and indulge in a healthful way of life. Similar to the UV Index assists defend from the dangerous effects of a lot of sun, the AQHI alerts us to health dangers posed by air contamination.

You have the ability to use the Air Quality Index to examine the health risk level in your neighborhood before heading outsides.

Do You Know ?
The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is modified regularly as well as involves a forecast that can help you prepare for the next day. Check the Air Quality Health Index in your location for the most recent information.

Exactly who might use the Air Quality Health Index?
The Air Quality Health Index is for every one, especially those vulnerable to the effects of air contamination, like retired people, those with chronic health problems, or parents of children. It was made to assist you decide the most suitable time to indulge in your outdoor activities.

The Air Quality Health Index is determined on a range stretching from 1-10+. The Air Quality Health Index index values are also categorized into health danger classifications as presented below. These classifications assist you to easily and swiftly identify your degree of danger
Air Quality Index
1-3 Very low health risk
4-6 Mild health risk
7-10 High health risk
10 + Very high health risk.
The Air Quality Health Index was established by the Government of Canada cooperating with the provinces and key wellness and atmosphere partners. It is progressively being ushered in towns across the country.