Air Quality

Air quality is essential to our overall health. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is a resource in order to help you plan and enjoy a healthful daily life. Much like the UV Index helps guard from the dangerous effects of excessive sun, the AQHI informs us to health and wellness risks posed by air pollution.

You have the ability to use the Index to examine the health risk amount in your community before going outsides.

Have You Heard ?
The Air Quality Health Index is refreshed regularly and even includes a forecast that can help you think about the day ahead. Check the AQHI in your location for newest information.

Exactly who should use the Air Quality Health Index?
The AQHI is for every one, especially those subject to the effects of air pollution, like elderly people, those with chronic healths issues, or parents of children. It has been developed to assist you decide the most effective occasion to enjoy your outside hobbies.

The AQHI is assessed on a range varying from 1-10+. The AQHI index values are also categorized into health and wellness risk classifications as presented below. These classifications assist you to conveniently and quickly recognize your degree of risk
Air Quality Index
1-3 Very low health risk
4-6 Medium health risk
7-10 High health risk
10 + Excessive health risk.
The AQHI was established by the Government of Canada collaborating with provinces and key health and well-being and ecosystem partners. It"s progressively being presented in neighborhoods across the country.