Air Quality

Air quality is important to our health and wellbeing. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is a method to help you arrange and take pleasure in a well-balanced lifestyle. Like the UV Index really helps secure from the dangerous effects of a lot of sun, the AQHI alerts us to health and well-being hazards posed by air pollution.

You can easily use the Air Quality Index to assess the health risk level in your city before moving great outdoors.

Have You Heard ?
The Air Quality Health Index is up-dated regularly as well as includes an anticipation in order to help you plan for the next day. Check the Air Quality Health Index in your location for newest relevant information.

Whom might use the Air Quality Health Index?
The Air Quality Health Index is for every one, including those at risk to the effects of air pollution, like elderly people, people with serious health problems, or parents of preschoolers. It was designed to aid you decide the most ideal time to indulge in your outdoor activities.

The Air Quality Health Index is assessed on a scope ranging from 1-10+. The Air Quality Health Index index values are also grouped into health and well-being threat groups as shown below. These groups aid you to conveniently and swiftly identify your level of threat
Air Quality Index
1-3 Minimal health risk
4-6 Medium health risk
7-10 Elevated health risk
10 + Very high health risk.
The Air Quality Health Index was developed by the Government of Canada cooperating with the provinces and key health and wellness and environment partners. It is steadily being ushered in environments across the country.